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Imagine what you could do with increased visibility and real-time
insights from your business workflows. We design and develop the
solutions to make that a reality.

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Quickbase Project Managment on Macbook

Project Management

Manufacturers need a system to make production leaner, faster, and more reliable. CirrusOps offers applications that help you stay on top of orders and production, automatically update warehouse inventory, and increase workflow visibility across teams. See how a CirrusOps solution can increase the effectiveness and accuracy of your overall operations.

iMac tracking sales and customers in Quickbase

Sales & CRM

Lead management needs to be scalable, uncomplicated, and easy to implement. Applications from CirrusOps provide the ability to track leads, automatically assign and schedule appointments for sales reps, and create customized dashboards for every user involved. Manage sales and leads effortlessly when you get started with CirrusOps.

adapting to growth with reports and charts using Quickbase

Process Improvement

Solar companies face issues with rapid growth, maintaining a central information system, and tracking large-scale projects. With an application from CirrusOps, you can adapt and adjust apps to compensate for growth, manage projects from a centralized database, and receive full reports on teams and individuals. You can expect your business to function smarter and smoother with a CirrusOps application.


hands shaking and connecting


Eliminate gaps among employees, processes, data, and management to bring all important factors of your business together.

  • • Bridge workflow gaps
  • • Integrate applications & systems
  • • Unite distant teams
binoculars to see better


Get a deeper look into your work and data to quickly understand different areas of your business and how they relate to each other.

  • • Visualize your processes
  • • Evaluate performance
  • • Discover new insights
hammering a nail


Use the power of knowledge and connectivity to do more of the work that makes a big difference to your business.

  • • Make informed decisions
  • • Work more efficiently
  • • Allocate resources intelligently

We believe growing businesses have more opportunities when they're empowered with real-time, data-driven operations. We provide connected process consulting and custom business applications to make it happen. Our objective is to help all of our clients improve efficiency, automate workflows, and seamlessly connect business processes with innovative data integrations.

Our Method for Success

custom coded solutions on mac screen

Application Development

We believe that every development process should involve user testing at the earliest stage possible. End user feedback is used to help shape a delightful user experience. We prioritize and implement requirements with a lean and mean phased approach that reduces go-live times from several months to as little as a few days or weeks.

arrows showing better workflow

Process Consulting

Our experience crosses nearly every industry and function, so we are sure to speak your language. We are highly skilled at translating your workflows, processes, or business operations requirements into a user-intuitive, beautifully structured connected process application.

developing functional successful applications

Successful Rollout

CirrusOps is committed to developing satisfying solutions and user experiences that result in across-the-board user adoption and implementation. We ensure your applications meet the needs of your teams and the demands of your business processes. Our goal is to deliver simple and beautiful solutions that teams love to use.

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