About CleanDelete by CirrusOps

CleanDelete is an incredible add-on for Quick Base that will save users hundreds of clicks and several minutes any time it is necessary to delete a record that may have child records in multiple tables and potentially grandchild records. Imagine you have a project that needs to be deleted. That project plan has 25 tasks, and each task has an average of 5 subtasks. Not to mention, there may be other child records of the project such as resource allocations, documentation, equipment assignments, etc. That scenario would easily surpass 126 records that need to be deleted from the system, from a minimum of 3 tables. That is, if you decide to delete them. All to often, those child and grand child records do not get deleted - they become orphaned. And that is when the havoc begins. Your reports start to have empty groupings and accurate data analysis in general goes out the window. There must be a way to delete a record and all of its related records to keep an app clean and running smoothly. Until now, it was a very tedious and manual process. Introducing CleanDelete by CirrusOps. The best way to delete records and keep your app clean. In the demo video below we show a time savings of nearly 5 minutes and number of clicks reduced from 110 to 2. Enjoy!