Hello Fellow Quick Base Developers, Gurus, and Experts!

My name is Matthew Neil I am a Solutions Architect and Sr. Quick Base Developer here at CirrusOps and I've decided to start writing development focused blog posts on our website in an effort to provide solutions to some real life business problems using the Quick Base platform. I answer a lot of the same questions over and over again in the community so I thought this format would serve as a away to help the community in a more permanent and detailed manor.

If you are not familiar with the Quick Base Community, you should really check it out! https://community.quickbase.com/quickbase It is a really great way to interact with other Quick Base developers of varying degrees of skill and experience. You might start off asking questions more than answering them, but that is what the community is for. The Quick Base Community has been around for several years in various formats however, in early 2017, Quick Base launched a new version of the Community Forum where all of their users could go for collaboration and help that made it much easier than before to navigate, comment, and follow conversations. I began doing just that by following conversations and making comments when I felt I could help. This became a nightly routine; after we put our two girls to sleep my wife and I would watch Sherlock or The Office re-runs, and I would read the community.

In the last 6 months I have read over 1000 questions, made 900+ replies, received 900+ 'likes' for those comments, and am the all-time leader with over 20,000 points.



Beyond all of that, I have learned a ton. I have learned a few tricks from other people, but I have also learned what people really want and need from their applications. Imagine you went to a new company and spent 6 months just watching them. Imagine what insights you'd have about the company, their process, their pain points, and their success stories. I've watched a few individuals experience the growing pains of learning something new, and even some 'advanced' users asking for another set of eyes to help them solve a problem.

My posts to this version of the CirrusOps blog we are calling 'Dev Corner' are designed to address the more technical aspects of Quick Base and my mentality around solving the communities needs. We'll be publishing detailed 'How To' posts for you to use as a resource and help guide. If you have any questions about what I cover here or would like to suggest a topic, leave a comment below or reach out on the community.