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By using our connected process consulting method, we develop and deploy custom applications specialized for your industry to get you off spreadsheets and help you learn more from your business data. These are solutions fit for every stage of your business.


Spreadsheet Intervention

Spreadsheets might just be the most dangerous tool on the planet. Nearly 90% of spreadsheets contain errors, and up to 72% contain critical errors, yet businesses continue to depend on Excel for some of their most important business functions. Now imagine having full confidence in the accuracy of your data and more real-time visibility that allows you to make smarter decisions than ever before. The Spreadsheet Intervention program at CirrusOps makes all of this possible and more.

How could ending your addiction to spreadsheets revolutionize your business?

Business Intelligence Solutions

Data is everywhere — in cloud solutions, spreadsheets, and legacy databases. But where's the real information from all this data? CirrusOps believes in the easy, efficient, and effective collecting and sharing of data within an organization. We make it simple for everyone from end user to executive to see what they need to see, when they need to see it. From multiple source data integrations, to a centralized dashboard of key performance indicators, CirrusOps helps you make sense of your data.

How can Business Intelligence Solutions make my team more effective?

RAPID APPlication Development

What could you accomplish if the way your processes worked didn't hold back your own work? Not every business has the time and resources for training their own in-house app developer. CirrusOps has all of the cloud based application experience you need. Clients trust our expansive experience in Quick Base and other rapid application development platforms for a wide variety of industries. We know the common issues that small to medium sized businesses have, so we know how to solve for them.

How could CirrusOps help you make cloud based applications work for your business?

Custom Application Add-Ons

CirrusOps has developed a full suite of Services and Utilities that expand the capabilities of Quick Base and other Cloud Based Application Platforms.